Planning your new Kitchen!


In your new home the Kitchen is a big element to think about and design.  Here are a few tips to think about when designing your new kitchen.

* How much storage do you require in your new Kitchen.

* Don’t forget the golden triangle in a kitchen of the sink/bench, fridge and hob.   Try not to make anything too big or there aren’t things in the way within this triangle.

* Rubbish recycling, think about recycling can and bottles and maybe a compost bucket.

* Bench space, do you have enough.  Measure the length and width.

* Think about the traffic flow in your kitchen.    What areas in the kitchen will collide, ie work area versus traffic

* Have you got enough room for rubbish bins under your sink with all the plumbing ie Drains and pipes

* Cleaning Products, where are you going to store these with easy access.

* Handles, there are alot of options make sure they are comfortable, easy to use and dont trap the dirt.

* Get a good kitchen tap as it is the most used tap in the house.  Make sure it swivels and you can get water into pots with it.

* There are alot of fantastic Kitchen materials to choose from.  Do your research on the pros & cons on all products.  They need to be durable and easy to clean.

* Lighting in your Kitchen is very important.  Think about whether you have enough especially if there is no window in the kitchen.

* Your appliances are another important element in your kitchen.  Again do your research on all the appliances available as there are plenty to choose from.   Sizes, colours and warranties are important elements to consider.

* The splashback in your kitchen can make or break the look of your kitchen.  Consider all materials and looks for your splashback, while it has to look good it also has to be easy to clean and durable.


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