Building your Dream Home:2


There is alot to think about when deciding to build your new Dream Home.    Here are a few ideas/items to think about:

* Start a scrapbook.  Look at the houses built around your section/land to get some ideas.  Take photos of house features, roof styles on houses you like.  Also in this scrapbook cut out photos from magazines you like.  Its a great starting point and is also exciting.

* Think about what materials you would like on the exterior of your home ie brick for low maintenance, semi-industrial look with corrugated iron.  Linea for a classic look and Plaster for a more modern practical look.  We can help you decide and tell you the pros and cons of exterior materials.

* Spaces on the inside of your home are very important.  Thinking about flow whether you like open plan living or more formal separate rooms.  How other rooms like studys and kitchens link to these areas.

* What does your family need in the home, how many bedrooms, how many bathrooms, garage size, storage areas, would you like separate living areas, when you have guests how will that work in your home and something I think is important indoor/outdoor flow.

* How long will you be living in this home.  Incorporate elements in the design to cater for your future needs.

* If you have children where will they play, inside and outside of the house.  When you are in the kitchen do you want to be able to see them outside.

* Kitchen layout and practicality is a huge feature of your home.  We get you to plan your kitchen with our kitchen designer.

We help you with all of the above elements, so come talk to us today.


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